Garden City Books

Founded in 2007 by Sarah Goodman following graduation from an on-line Masters Degree in Antiques from UCLAN. I trade in rare and collectible books to sell on-line, focusing on older books before 1970. Whilst the specialist areas are in Victorian Childrens’ Books, Illustrated Books and Vintage Paperbacks, most books are sought. To view my books for sale please go to Abe Books .

In order to offset the somewhat unpredictable nature of the second hand book trade since October 2017 I have also been employed as an E-Commerce Assistant for our local Isabel Hospice Charity where I am their Ebay bookseller. I cannot believe my good fortune that I am being paid to sort through books to decide what to list on Ebay and Amazon, whether its shop donations or directly from the public at their warehouse in Bridge Road . Any books acquired for Garden City Books and not needed are donated to the charity. Prior to this I worked as a Bookseller and Cluster Administrator for Waterstones mainly in St Albans and Welwyn from 2015-2017. For a peek at what we have on sale in the Hospice Ebay Shop :  Isabel Hospice 

As from October 2018 I will be moving to Hitchin where I am having fun reorganising all my books, book cases and paraphernalia as well as exploring the local antiques markets,  nicely wedged between Welwyn and Letchworth Garden Cities where I will still be frequenting.   

Since 2011 I have also a member of the Penguin Collector’s Society, their remit being to promote and publish new aspects of Penguin history from a truly dedicated team of collectors. If you delight in seeing vast arrays of orange (fiction), green (crime), blue (biographies) and pink (travel) and talking to Collectors for whom collecting Penguins is a life long passion then I strongly recommend joining. This is where I go for advice and help with authentication on the rarer Penguins.

I would describe myself as an extreme bibliophile : one whose habitual craving to purchase, read, store, admire & consume books in excess tipped over into a business. But when not trading in vintage books or listing books on Ebay at the Hospice Warehouse I am also an avid reader ; I belong to a book group which in 2018 celebrated its 14th anniversary and my favourite author is the much neglected Patrick Hamilton.

Sarah Goodman

If you have books to dispose of or would like advice on please contact me by email with a brief description and some overview photos.