Antiquarian Books

Below is a small selection of some of my favourite antiquarian books which span just over 100 years from 1800 to the Edwardian periods. They range in size from the miniature Regency books of 3 inches tall to the giant Dictionary that weighs several kilograms. As far as childrens books were concerned during the Regency period children were still working in the mines and elsewhere in the workforce, but by 1880s were required to attend school and hence books were being published specifically for children; illustrators such as Caldecott and Crane being employed to illustrate and decorate. Indeed Sunday School could be said to be where my whole interest in old books started, when I inherited my Grandmother’s Sunday School prizes from the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Bristol. 


If you have books to dispose of or would like advice on please contact me by email with a brief description and some overview photos.